June Recreational Dance Classes

Need more time to leap & twirl,, dance & create? Or maybe you want more time to work toward the goals you have set for yourself! Our June Recreational Dance Classes will consist of a combination of several dance styles including:

Ballet, Pointe, Pre-Pointe, Modern, and Jazz.

Come try something new with Miss Joanne...

Dates Offered:      TBD (COVID-19)

Class Schedule:

4:45-5:30              Level: Pre-School               Ages: 3, 4, & "New" 5yr olds

5:30-6:30             Level: Primary A & B         Ages: 5-8yr olds

6:30-7:30             Level: RAD Graded            Ages: 9-11yr olds

7:30-9:00            Level: Elementary               Ages: Variable       *Will meet TBD

7:30-9:00            Level: Int & Adv                  Ages: Variable       *Will meet TBD

Dancers may take as many classes as they choose. There is no minimum requirement! Email us for the registration form. [email protected]